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Premium Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Wireless Rechargeable Portable

25 $

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Special Features:

Suitable for car, home, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, corners and etc

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Washable & Removable HEPA Filter

5 kinds of nozzle accessories

One button for dust disposal, easy to clean


How to Use:

1. Connect the charger to fully charge the battery

2. Connect the corresponding accessories according to the use occasion (accessories installation use)

3. Turn on the vacuum cleaner power switch to start working

4. Rotate the dust cup counter clockwise and remove the dust cup from the machine body.

5. Remove out inside of the dust cup and pour the garbage into the garbage can.

6. If necessary, use a slightly damp rag or disposable paper towel to clean the dust cup, the filter can be rinsed with water, and must be thoroughly dried after washing before reuse.

7.Put the Hippa filter back into the dust cup, rotate and tighten it in the opposite direction with reference to step 1, and you can use it.


Accessories Installation and Use:

1. Brush: collection of suction, wipe double effect suitable for a variety of seat cushions, foot mats suede parts, and empty language Air vents and other dust cleaning

2. Flat Mouth Long Nozzle: suitable for car doors, seats and ashtrays and other crevices of dust cleaning.

3. Floor brush: connected to the telescopic connecting rod, convenient to deep dust cleaning Coffee table, bed bottom


Technical parameter

Product name: Wireless vacuum cleaner

Rated power: 120W

Integrated cup: 600ml

suction: 7500pa

Product size: 115*17cm

Net weight: 1050g




1. When using the vacuum cleaner for the first time, please check carefully whether the parts in the vacuum cleaner are intact, whether the switch is normal and whether the wire is broken.

2. Please do not use this vacuum cleaner as a toy, and try to keep it away from children when using it.

3. Please read this instruction manual carefully, you must use our original spare parts, you cannot use other parts instead.

4. If the vacuum cleaner does not have an integrated compartment and filter, please do not use it, otherwise it will cause damage to the product.

5. If the vacuum cleaner is broken or partially broken, please do not use it and replace it in time.



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